Steward Hart (from 2012 Miniseries)
Steward Hart
Biological Information
Full Name Steward Hart
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1880
Date of Death January 15, 1954
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Background Information
Hometown England
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class Victualling crew
Lifeboat Lifeboat 15
Portrayer Ralph Ineson
Steward Hart was Third Class Steward on RMS Titanic.

Episode 1Edit

When the ship is sinking, steward Turnbull holds down steerage passengers in a big room. He is asked if they can go up, but Turnbull orders him to wait. Hart, who prefers to let them out, whispers something in his ear. Turnbull shouts again to the passengers that there's no danger.

Episode 2Edit

Hart is first seen at boarding day. Somehow, a cabin door is locked. He asks another steward why, but he doesn't know.

Suddenly, a large noise distracts him. He abandons the locked cabin.

When he returns to the cabin with pasengers, he finds the Maloney family in the cabin which was supposed to be empty. Jim Maloney says they had been directed to this cabin, and when Hart asks for their tickets, Jim stalls so long that the cabin mates leave.

That evening, he serves as a waiter in the Third Class Dining Room. He clears Jim & Peter's table of the empty glasses.

That Sunday evening, the ship is sinking. Hart holds down the Third Class passengers together with Steward Turnbull and two other stewards, saying there's no danger. Finally, Hart takes a group of women and children through the gate and up to the lifeboats.

Hart brings his group to lifeboat 15, and most of the Maloney family run to the boat as well, where Mary Maloney suddenly gets trampled. Lord Manton helps to get her up. Muriel Batley is also trampled, but John refuses help from Lord Manton. The Maloney family board lifeboat 15, and Murdoch orders steward Hart to take charge.

Episode 3Edit

On the Sunday of the maiden voyage, Hart oversees the Third Class church meeting. When he goes up, he sees a woman struggle at an entrance to steerage. She says she's looking for a locksmith in steerage to help her opening a jewelry box. Hart sneaks her in after making her promise she'll take the blame if anything goes wrong.

In steerage, Hart asks a group of passengers for a locksmith. Peter Lubov decides to look at it.

Later, the ship is sinking. David Evans asks Hart if they can go up to the lifeboats, but steward Turnbull keeps him and many other passengers behind a locked gate. Hart is concerned about how long they can keep them down and wants to let them go up. Turnbull simply replies with shouting that there's no danger. Evans suggests they take the children up, but Turnbull rejects that as well: what if a pack of screaming mothers chase after them?

Finally, Hart sees they're losing control and decides to take action. He orders to send the women and children forward and opens the gate. He leaves steerage, followed by women and children. Behind him, Turnbull cuts off the line.

Hart brings his group of women and children to lifeboat 15, followed by most of the Maloney family. He helps the children get in when First Officer Murdoch orders him to get in and take charge. Theresa Maloney suddenly panics and jumps back on the sinking Titanic.

Episode 4Edit

Hart brings a group of women and children to lifeboat 15, followed by most of the Maloney family. He helps the children get in when First Officer Murdoch orders him to get in and take charge. He then alerts Hart that the boat must be lowered now, any more and it would split. Theresa Maloney immediately assumes the boat is going to break and jumps back on the sinking Titanic. Her father and Peter Lubov go to look for her, and the boat is lowered without Theresa. Hart takes an oar to row the boat away from the ship.

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