Steward Baxter (from 2012 Miniseries)
Péter Katona
Biological Information
Full Name Harry Ross Baxter
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 20th, 1858
Date of Death April 15th, 1912
Cause of Death Drowned
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond-Gray
Alignment Neutral
Background Information
Hometown Middlesex, England
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class Victualling crew
Portrayer Péter Katona
"Release him!"
―Baxter to Peter Lubov

Steward Baxter was Third Class Steward on RMS Titanic.


Baxter was 5′ 9″ (1.74 m) tall, white male. He had short, blond-gray hair and brown eyes. During his only appearance on the show, he wore a standard white 3rd class steward's tunic.


In the 2012 mini-series, he is only shown in the Third Class dining room during the sinking sequence. At first, he rarely show any interactions with the passengers as he and the other three stewards block the gates by saying no to a random Steerage passenger and using hand signals try and keep the Steerage passengers back.

As the situation got more serious and panic passengers being to try to get up to the gates with Baxter and Steward Hill blocking their path and with Baxter holding David Evans back by his collar. Hart announces he'll take women and children to the boat deck. Baxter and Hill help pass the women and children forward get to the boat deck. Suddenly Steward Turnbull orders the Steerage passengers back, thus cutting off their escape route to the boat deck. Peter Lubov then attacks Turnbull, which gives Mary Maloney and her children a chance to get past the gate. Baxter rushes over to help Turnbull. Baxter is able to push Lubov off of Turnbull and then Baxter rushes to shut the gate, preventing more Steerage passengers from escaping. However by shutting the gates, he allows Mary and children to get to the boat deck.

Afterwards, he is seen trying to stop the Steerage passengers from getting past the gate but isn't shown to be in any struggle with the passengers. When Mario Sandrini is arrested by the two sailors and locked up with the other Italian crewmembers, this causes the male passengers to rush the area where the seaman were standing and charge towards the gate. Baxter tries to push them away from the gates, but Peter Lubov pushes him into the crowd of Steerage passengers as he leads the Steerage passengers past the gate.

Harry Baxter lost his life during the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Historical accuracyEdit

It is highly unlikely that Steward Baxter in real life would have held any of the Steerage passenger back during the sinking.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Péter Katona, Baxter's portrayer was not credited in mini-series.