Seaman Scarrott (from 2012 Miniseries)
György Kivés
Biological Information
Full Name Joseph George Scarrott
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 25th, 1854
Date of Death August 19th, 1914
Cause of Death Old age
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Gray-White
Alignment Neutral
Background Information
Hometown England
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class Deck Crew
Lifeboat 14
Portrayer György Kívés
Unknown (Voice)

Seaman Scarrott was Seaman on RMS Titanic.

Appearance Edit

Scarrott was 5′ 8″ (1.74 m) tall, white male. He had short, gray-white hair and gray eyes. During his appearances on the show, he wore a cap and blue seaman suit.


Both he and Seaman Bradley arrive with Sixth Officer Moody to help guard the Steerage gate along with Steward Turnbull, Steward Baxter, and Steward Hill by pushing back the male Steerage passengers. He and Seaman Bradley see Mario Sandrini get into a verbal altercation with Turnbull and Moody which causes Turnbull to open the gate and force Mario into the Steerage area where he and Bradley grab him and carry him away. But they realize that by leaving their post, they warn Turnbull to close the gate but it is too late as Peter Lubov and Jim Maloney leads the male passengers up the staircase and rush past the gate to get to the lifeboats. They get to a room and where he pushes Mario in and Bradley locks the door with the à la Carte Restaurant waiters in a room, which means they were the ones who locked up the waiters. This shows that he and Bradley are racist towards the Italian crewmembers.

Afterwards, he makes it into Lifeboat #14 and is on hand to assist Harold Lowe's rescue attempt. They only are able to save Hugh, the Earl of Manton, and unidentified survivor, and Paolo Sandrini (who dies before they make it back to the other lifeboats).

Before the survivors are rescued by the RMS Carpathia, he also is on hand to help Officer Lowe to rescue the survivors on Collapsible B where he finds Mario among the survivors.

Historical accuracyEdit

It is noted that none of the seamen on the Titanic locked any of the À la Carte Restaurant staff members in a locked room. They were kept back by stewards, but Paul Achille Maurice Germain Maugé and Pierre Rousseau were allowed onto deck.

Also their age is inaccurate, György Kívés was 56 during the 10 week shoot of the mini-series. The actual age of the sailors of the Titanic was from 19 to 48.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • György Kívés, Scarrott's portrayer was not credited in mini-series.
  • Scarrott's lines were dubbed by regular english actor.