Seaman Clench (from 1997 Film)
Seaman Clench (from 1997 Film)
Biological Information
Full Name George James Clench
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1881
Date of Death April 15th, 1912
Cause of Death Drowned
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Alignment Neutral
Background Information
Hometown England
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class Deck crew
Portrayer Richard Bradshaw

Seaman Clench was Seaman in 1997 Film Titanic.


Clench was 6′ 2″ (1,88 m) tall, white male. He had short, light brown hair and blue eyes. During his appearances on the show, he wore a seaman's cap and massive overcoat.


He is first seen with Steward 3 and a small group of stewards who are keeping the Steerage back where he is armed with an axe. However Steward orders the gates to be opened to allow women and children access to the boat deck, but this causes the male passengers to start to break through which causes the stewards to lock the gates trapping not only the male passengers; but the female passengers also. Seaman Clench uses the handle of the axe to bash at male passengers trying to reach out their arms.

He doesn't make it to the lifeboat but tries to help with Collapsible B but is swept away during the sinking the RMS Titanic and drowns in the sinking.


  • Clench has no line in the script.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Richard Bradshaw, Clench's portrayer was credited as Stunt.