Rose DeWitt Bukater
Biological Information
Full Name Rose DeWitt Bukater
Nickname(s) None
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1895
Date of Death Old age
Cause of Death Possibly old age
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Background Information
Family Ruth DeWitt Bukater (mother)
Romances Jack Dawson (lover)

Caledon Hockley (ex-fiancé)

Hometown New York
Religion Christian
Titanic Statistics
Boarded Southampton, England
Destination New York, U.S.A.
Class First-Class
Occupation Passenger
Lifeboat 14
Portrayer Kate Winslet (young)

Gloria Stuart (old)

Rose DeWitt Bukater is the main character and heroine of 1997's Titanic.

She's the love interest of Jack Dawson, a poor third-class artist.



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