Mario Sandrini is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. He was portrayed by Antonio Magro.

Mario is a stoker. His brother Paolo Sandrini is a steward of the First Class Dining Saloon.


The Sandrini bro's board the Titanic at Southampton, and they immediately find a beautiful stewardess, who tells them where to go. Paolo keeps staring at her, and Mario has to pull him with. He brings Paolo to his assigned station before heading to the boiler rooms, causing him to arrive late. The leading fireman immediately puts him to work.

When the ship strikes the iceberg, Mario is in Boiler Room 6 when suddenly he's soaked by the icy water. He and the other firemen run to dry rooms before the watertight door closes. Two firemen are too late and start extinguishing the fires.

On his way up, Mario finds a load of Third Class passengers locked downstairs, mainly by Steward Turnbull. Mario opens the gate and lots of passengers escape, but Mario is dragged away by the crewmen. He is locked up in a storage cupboard, where he's shocked to find the Ritz Restaurant crew. Around 2:10 A.M., Paolo finds them, but the door is locked and the water is rising very quickly.

Mario and Gatti's Restaurant crew are saved just in time by Paolo and Peter Lubov. They rush up to deck, where they find no lifeboats. Mario & Paolo jump off the ship and try to swim to safety, but they are separated. Mario finds an overturned lifeboat, where he climbs on, desperately calling Paolo. The ship breaks in two, and Mario steps back into the icy water to look for Paolo. Seaman Davis drags him back on the boat. Another man calls for his help, but when he tries to offer help, the man pulls Mario back in the sea, thus failing to be pulled on board. Davis drags the man on the boat, and Mario crawls back up too.