John Batley
John Batley is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. He is an employee of the Earl of Manton and joins him on the Titanic with his wife, Muriel Batley.

Episode 1Edit

John Batley is first seen on the train with his wife, meeting the Earl of Manton and his wife and daughter. Then they drive to Southampton to board the ship.

In their cabin, Muriel complains to John about his dedication to Lord Manton.

That Sunday, John is visited by Lord Manton in Second Class. He brings the Batleys to First Class, where Lady Manton claimed a table. Harry Widener and Georgiana join too.

In the evening, John is outside on aft B Deck when a huge iceberg passes by.


  • The train Batley was on appears to be from 1950
  • They rode aside the Titanic in a post-World War 1 Model T Ford, and it was green, placing the scene in 1926-1927.