Georgiana Grex
Lady Georgiana Grex is a fictional character of the 2012 Miniseries Titanic. She joins her parents, the Earl of Manton and her wife, on board the Titanic.

Episode 1Edit

Lady Georgiana is first seen being bailed out of prison by her father. She then joins her parents on a 1950-like train, which seems to be an anachronism.

When going for dinner, the Mantons are welcomed by Captain Smith, John Jacob Astor and Madeleine Astor. Dorothy Gibson joins them and they shake hands. The Wideners also join them, but their son Harry keeps staring at Georgiana. Finaly, the Rushton's also join them, with Grace Rushton complaining about their locked-up "darling", then Joseph Rushton explains she refers to their Pekinese.

At dinner, Harry Widener takes a seat next to Georgiana at the Captain's table. Lady Manton already notices the romance growing between them. Paolo Sandrini serves the table and flirtingly eye-blinks to Georgiana.

After dinner, they head to the reception, where the band plays "Autumn" on her request. Harry nods to Lord Manton, who nods back, meaning he allows it. Harry asks her to dance, which she accepts. They dance and talk while being guarded by the Mantons.

Jack Thayer crashes the party and takes Georgiana from Harry. Lady Manton seems to be worried about her.

That Sunday, Georgiana joins a conversation with Harry, her parents and the Batleys.

Harry takes Georgiana on an evening strool before dinner. They encounter the Allison family, and Alice behaves overprotective to Georgiana about Trevor.

After dinner, Harry and Geogiana go for another stroll. He gives his coat to her after he sees her shiver. He confesses to her and they share a kiss.