Barnes searching for Miss WatsonEdit

  • Barnes: Miss Watson, are you in there?
  • Miss Watson: Mr Barnes, they've locked the door!
  • Barnes: Don't worry... I have the key.
  • Miss Watson: No, no, it's no good.
  • Barnes: Stand back!
  • Steward Taylor: Hang on a minute. You can't do that.
  • Barnes: Yeah? You watch me.
  • Steward Taylor: Wait! But I shall have to report you, for spoiling White Star property.
  • Barnes: Who's spoiling it? Your proof will be a hundred fathoms deep. Now, come on, man!
  • Barnes: Miss Watson.
  • Steward Taylor: That doesn't make it all right, you know.
  • Barnes: You shouldn't have gone off without telling me.
  • Miss Watson: I went for my book. It was stupid. I thought it was in my cabin, but it's not...
  • Barnes: I have your book. I was going to give it to you later. I've mended it and you can hardly see the tear.
  • Miss Watson: That's very kind. I am sorry for making a fuss...
  • Barnes: You don't have to apologise to me. You would never have to apologise to me, not in this world.
  • Miss Watson: Don't talk as if this is goodbye.
  • Barnes: Yeah, well, it may be. I don't think we need to argue about that. Now, come on. We've got to get you into a boat.

Lifeboat 15 SceneEdit

  • Hugh Manton: Give me your hand!
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: That's enough!
  • Jim Maloney: Get your hands off her!
  • Mary Maloney: No! He's helping! He's helping!
  • ?: Women and children come through first.
  • Hugh Manton: Get your children.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Stand back!
  • Hugh Manton: Up you come.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Stand back!
  • Hugh Manton: Let these children through!
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: That's enough!
  • Hugh Manton: Let them through!
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: We're full! We're going to lower!
  • Hugh Manton: You will not! Now let them through!
  • Hugh Manton: Get them on.
  • Man: Take her.
  • Hugh Manton: Here we are, get them on.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Hart! Hart! Get in there and take charge!
  • Steward Hart: Yes, sir.
  • Hugh Manton: Come on.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Stand back, I tell you. Hart, we must lower now. Any more and the boat will split.
  • Theresa Maloney: The boat's going to break.
  • Mary Maloney: No, my darling, of course... Theresa! Theresa. We can't leave without my child!
  • Jim Maloney: Stay with the others. I'll find her. Don't worry.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Stand back! Stand back!
  • Jim Maloney: Theresa!
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Ready the boat!
  • Mary Maloney Help him. Please help him find her.
  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Lower away.
  • Peter Lubov: Mary, remember me. Theresa! Theresa!

Panic at A Deck promenadeEdit

  • 1st Officer Murdoch: The boats from here have gone! Get back! The boats have gone!

(Murdoch fires with his revolver at ocean)

  • 1st Officer Murdoch: Now remove to the stern and wait for rescue!
  • Muriel Batley: A fat lot of good that'll do.
  • John Batley: Come on. Let's see what we can find. There's no point hanging on here.
  • Muriel Batley: There's no point in doing anything.
  • John Batley: Come on!

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